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A Month of Van Life in Amsterdam

By Joe On 26th March 2019

We were pretty exhausted after our first adventure across Spain, Portugal and Italy especially the last month where we had no heating and struggled to make enough power, so when we arrived back in the UK to visit family and friends we took the time to upgrade the van to add heating, an electric hookup, extra damp proofing, better cupboard storage, new tyres etc.

So we kicked off our 2nd leg "Phase 2" of the road trip feeling way more prepared for the uncertainties that van life throws, and also excited after a month of the UK to get back to the continent!

We left the UK on 22nd February and pretty much headed straight to Camping Zeeburg in Amsterdam... its a really cool campsite on the outskirts thats fairly cheap (22 euros a night in low season) and has great facilities including hot showers! We only booked a week in Zeeburg originally but as each week went on we booked another week, and another... we didn't want to leave. It's tricky to wild camp in Amsterdam for van lifers, or the Netherlands full stop, so we were happy to have this place and not to have to move on, kind of became our home! 

View of Zeeburg from our window

View from our window, had some awesome weather in the last week of Feb, up to 18 degrees Celsius!

It was our 6 year anniversary on 23rd February, so we wanted to celebrate it in style in one of our favorite places to be. We headed right into the center and reacquainted ourselves with all the things we used to enjoy about Amsterdam; the great places to eat, the beautiful canals, the friendliness of the Dutch, the parks and even the small things like the ticking sound of the crossings and the tram bells. We had fun and our first week there was pretty much exploring the outskirts and indulging in Bagels & Beans and Wok to Walks.

On the 9th March there was a Womens March protest starting in Dam square. We could never turn down a good protest so we turned up to find thousands of defiant protesters ready to March through the center in protest of the disadvantages women still suffer around the world in the face of misogyny. It was great to see so many like minded people attend and there were some great speeches and signs.

Alice at the Womens March

Alice behind a crowd of protesters at the end of the Womens March Amsterdam 2019

On 17th March our friends Tom & Lindsey arrived for a planned week long stay, and on the very first day Tom proposed... and she said yes! I got to see them later on the very same day and heard about their comical but romantic proposal in Westerpark over a few beers in the center. We all met up and had a fun night out in the Nord at places like Pllek & Norderlight, which ended like all my nights out with Tom in getting way to drunk and making a tit of myself... including accidentally ordering an Uber without realizing! 

Alice, Lindsey, Joe & Toms album cover

Cover for our upcoming album

It was awesome to see familiar faces abroad on our adventure and an honor to be around for their engagement, we were sad to see them go!

We finally left on 22nd March after 4 weeks and after growing accustomed to the luxurious supply of water, electricity, showers, parking etc we totally weren't ready for the road (especially as we both had colds) but we found somewhere fairly chilled in the North by a canal to ease us into being off grid again and already we're loving it and not looking back ;).

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