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10 Things On A Van Lifers Christmas List

By Joe On 22nd November 2018

Know any vanlife people you don't know what to get for Christmas? Or a vanlife person yourself and have no idea what people can get you because you have no more room for 'things'?

Someone recently asked us what stocking fillers we recommend for this Christmas as they were planning to do a 5 year road trip. So here's a list of the top 10 things we thought every vanlife person could use (wish we came up for this last Christmas before we left for our travels 😆).

  1. Manual Washer/Dryer – Launderettes can be expensive and not always easy to find so hand washing is essential. We use something called a Scrubba bag that has a built in washboard which is fairly easy to use and really compact.

    Link to our Scrubba

  2. Spare Camping Stove – We carry a 6kg British Calor gas canister and when we ran out we found it hard to get filled, so we used a cheap stove in the meantime with cartridges. It has it's own carry case and easy to stow away, it'll be a god send if ever needed in emergency!

    Check out this basic  Camping stove

  3. MiFi Router – This is a small WiFi box that you can put a sim card into for mobile internet. You can get really cheap MiFi routers on Amazon and you can connect all your devices to it, it’s like having your own WiFi at home! We spend about £40 a month on mobile data which is about the same as we spent on home broadband back home.

    This 4G MiFi Box is a must have

  4. Power Banks – We have 300W of solar panels, 210AH of batteries and a split charge relay to charge them while were driving too (if that means nothing, it's alot of power for a small van!), but we’re still having trouble with our solar system at the moment and winter can generally be a pain anyway so glad we had some spare power banks for the emergency. When you’re off grid and lose power it’s a real pain!

    This is a great 20,000mah power bank (get a few if you can!)

  5. Tools – Its worth having the basics including wrenches, electric drill/driver, jigsaw for any modifications or repairs on the road.

    This socket set is an absolute winner for a van lifer.

  6. Eco Friendly Products – Often we have outside showers and dump our waste water into official waste points (although sometimes suspiciously close to rivers 🤨), so it’s good to use anything from shower products to washing liquid that are made from natural products to prevent any damage to the environment. We stocked up on shampoo/shower bars from Funky Soap and got solid deodorant bars from Lush. 

    We love this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bar 

  7. Rechargeable Lantern/Light – Great for outside and inside the van, can give a nice ambient light when the spotlights inside the van are too much. Rechargeable by USB makes it easy to charge almost anywhere, and when you run out of power it's handy!

    Here's a cute touch light

  8. Bluetooth Speaker – Again great for mobility, even cheap speakers these days put out a good sound especially for a small space like the van.

    This bluetooth speaker is more than adequate

  9. Van Levellers – Especially when wild camping, we often find we end up on uneven ground which can do your back in after a while. For some people with Absorption fridges I believe they shouldn't be running on slopes for long periods of time (more than a day).

    Here’s the campervan Levelling ramps we have 

  10. Leisure Battery – This is a big one (around £110), but every van lifer needs battery power! 

    Amazon are doing a good deal on their Numax 100ah Leisure Batteries at the moment.

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