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Avoiding Gas… as much as we could

by Joe on 29th November 2018

Being a couple of eco warriors we repeatedly said we wouldn’t need gas… until we really understood how much of an essential it was for the average camper. 

We had to bite the bullet in the end, but we did it by relying on it as little as we could and finding alternatives in most cases.

Most camper vans rely on gas for these things:

  • Heating
  • Hot Water
  • Fridge 
  • Cooking

Here’s What We did

For heating we got an electric blanket and insulated the van as best as we could. We have a low wattage Oil Heater that we have on standby, we often don’t have enough power in the winter to run it when we’re wild camping but when on a hook-up its worth having.

Hot Water
We didn’t install hot water heater, we thought we could live without and so far we have. For the shower we got a Solar Shower and for the price it does the job, we often use beach showers when wild camping and if we’re lucky we may find somewhere with the occasional hot shower. If we really need it let’s say for washing up, we still boil a little off on the hob but only as much as we need. With hot water accessible on tap I guarantee we would have used way more. 

For the fridge we got an electric compressor fridge, this is a 12v 35w fridge that only runs for about a third of the day. 

Lastly the cooking… we looked at electric hobs and they use about 2kw of power, our batteries could barely even store that amount! We also considered getting a microwave but again they use a fair bit and microwave cooking isn’t healthy. So we bought a 3 burner gas hob.

In the end it was just the cooking we found hard to subsidize with an alternative, so we bought a 6kg Calor Propane cylinder and it lasted us 3 months! This was by eating salads where possible, reusing boiled water (from boiled veg) for washing up, cooking one pot meals and steaming our veg by keeping the lid on the frying pan.

To summarise, here’s a list of gas alternatives you can try

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