Art & Freedom On The Road

Freedom on the Road

By Joe

We want to be free

It’s hard to fully comprehend the shackles that tie us down as a child. I remember learning about the world at school, I pictured it to be a vast space of opportunity for each of us to live our lives to the fullest, to do the good things we wanted to do and die happily ever after. Growing up, the world came into focus and our limitations revealed themselves to me, one by one.

I got a job I hated, then got a car, then I moved into my own place, at which point I was tied down into the job I hated, and it became a vicious cycle of earning to pay for living, and I wasn’t really living. The times I wasn’t working were doing other responsibilities and the times I was free were spent recovering, trying to catch a breath of who I was, which seemed impossible most of the time.

There were other limitations I discovered too.

In my early twenties I learnt about things like climate change, and how simple things I did in my every day life contributed to it. So I became vegetarian, started to buy eco-friendly products, organic foods… I realised that no matter what I did I would never even break even in the life I was living, I would only ever be a negative drain on the earth. These realisations only gave me further limitations, more things to bog me down, and Alice was the same.

We knew we weren’t destined for the normal life, we knew we would do something different, and then our goal became to be free, to remove ourselves from our limitations, and so our journey began.

We worked hard to save for the van. We knew after doing a few road trips before around Europe that we identified with exploration, and after following a number of van lifers on Instagram we could also see that it was a much cheaper and sustainable way of living. Before, I had to earn a lot each month to pay for £875 a month rent with bills on top, altogether around £1400 a month, but the van we could live on just £500!

The Van is not freedom, it is our journey to freedom

The van has taken us away from my office job, from Alices retail job, from suburbia, from responsibility, and it’s taken us onward to so many incredible places that we are so lucky to see in our lifetime. It’s a dream come true. Van Life however is a journey, not a destination for us. The journey is about enlightening ourselves by seeing things, and in turn revealing opportunity to ourselves in the future.

We have an idea where we want to be, we know we want to find a plot of land somewhere that can be ours, to be self-sufficient and break even with our existence, then we can work on making a difference.

As an artist, Alice likes to create installations that make people think, I wish to do whatever I can to make the world a better place, whether it be join Greenpeace, start an Eco Awareness blog or set up a sanctuary for abandoned animals! I’m sure whatever is required of me will reveal itself in the journey!

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